Who I Am

Experienced Trial Attorney Emphasizing
Serious Personal Injuries and Bad Faith Conduct

· Vehicular Collisions
· Pedestrian Accidents
· Construction Accidents
· Legal Malpractice
· Medical Malpractice
· Nursing Home Abuse

Violations of Civil Rights

· Police Misconduct
· False Arrest
· Racial Discrimination
· Sexual Harassment
· Landlord Abuse

Insurance Company Disputes

· Bad Faith Clams Handling
· Unfair Denial of Benefits

Business Disputes

· Real Estate/Mortgage Fraud
· Breach of Contract
· Real Estate Misrepresentation

The best  time to retain a lawyer is right away.

Your case can be won or lost based upon the evidence.
The sooner you retain us, we can promptly work to obtain
and preserve the evidence necessary to bui
ld and prove your case.

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